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Enjoy Our Recital Reel

Welcome to our  Diaper Dancer and Mommy & Me Programs, where the tiniest feet make the biggest impressions! Specifically designed for toddlers aged 16 months to 2 1/2 years old, our program is a whimsical introduction to the magical world of dance.  These classes are a delightful blend of movement (tap, ballet and jazz), music, and imagination, providing a safe and nurturing environment for our youngest dancers to explore and express themselves. Through playful activities and creative exercises, toddlers develop essential motor skills, coordination, and confidence, all while making friends, learning to wait our turn, and be guided by our nurturing instructors who make the journey heaps of fun. Join us on this enchanting journey where every twirl, giggle, and step is celebrated, and where the love for dance begins to blossom from the very first plié!


For boys and girls ages 2-5, our Toddler Division is a nurturing introduction to the joy of dance. Taught with a thoughtful curriculum tailored to our youngest dancer, classes focus on the development of important gross motor skills, coordination, classroom etiquette, structure, and musicality. Contact us if you are interested in signing your child up for dancing lessons.


Join our Youth Division at Dance Unlimited, where young dancers aged 6 to 10 embark on an exciting journey of discovery and creativity. Through engaging classes led by experienced instructors, children explore various dance styles, build confidence, and forge friendships that last a lifetime.


With a focus on the true building blocks of dance technique, our Teen Division works to not only continue to refine the understanding of placement and execution,  but works to instill a deep appreciation for the art of dance. Centered on building a healthy and nurturing working environment, dancers develop a positive sense of self, while working to set and attain personal goals throughout the year.


A curriculum-based program designed for the dedicated dance student, a diverse syllabus offers intensive training for aspiring dancers in our Pre-Professional Division. With its set of core classes and class requirements, students enjoy additional performance opportunities throughout the year in addition to master classes, industry workshops, and faculty mentorship.


Dance Team

Dance Unlimited has gone above and beyond... and to give our kids the experiences the and the love of dance

Stephanie J.

Listening to my girl dance and laugh and have a little normal in her life. Dance has always been her safe place. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sally B.

DU is the best dance studio in CT. Dancers not only learn to dance but many life lessons as well.

Tracy M.

With an expansive program offering 6 different dance disciplines, our Pre-Teen Division dancing lessons are a curriculum-based program rooted in the development of technique and artistry for a young dancer. Delving deeper into their training, students will not only expand their dance vocabulary, but develop a stronger understanding of structural and muscular placement, awareness, and execution.


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