Our most committed group, will dance 3 to 4 times a week, having to meet mandatory amount of classes for their core dancing, (2 Ballet Classes per week, Tap Technique, Jazz Technique & Lyric Technique Classes). This company will be able to participate in Tap and Jazz Large Group, Large Line and are also eligible to be chosen for Small Groups, Duos, Trios and Solos.

Our DU Crew Elite Company will attend 4 Regional Competitions and 1 National each season. This group will also be a part of our “Opening” number which is performed in the last Regional Competition and at Nationals. All group numbers will be in our Recital.​​


AGES 4 - 7

Sweethearts, Darlins, Dancerettes and Minis

Petites, Juniorettes, Juniors, Tweens, Preteens, Teens and Senior Dancers

Our Rising Star Group offers a “small” amount of Competition for those who want more than an hour a week with a little taste of the Competition world! Our Rising Star Academy Group has been a huge success. These dancers will dance one day a week for three hours (1 hour Tap Technique, 1 hour Jazz Technique and 1 hour Choreography). They will perform in two group numbers—a Jazz Dance and a Tap Dance. They will only perform in two Competitions.  Solos offered on this level.

NEW Our Rising Stars have the opportunity to also compete in a Rising Star Hip Hop Routine! To be eligible to be in our Rising Star Hip Hop Routine, dancer must sign up for our Unlimited classes below. Rising Star Students must participate in a Hip Hop Class weekly to be eligible to be included in the Competition Hip Hop Routine.

AGES 8 – 14 yrs

DU Performing Company

Hamden Location: 2600 State Street (203) 776-3444 -- Branford Location: 246 Main Street (203) 488-9844 --

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Where Confidence Takes

Center Stage

Our youngest members of our team. This is our introduction to Competition where our little dancers are nurtured and educated in the basics of all genres of dance while having fun learning showmanship, sportsmanship and comaraderie.

Darlins (Hamden) and Sweethearts (Branford) are our youngest Competition members (Ages 3 to 5yrs). They dance only once a week for two hours. (½ hour of Ballet, ½ hour of Jazz Technique, ½ hour of Tap Technique , ½ hour of Choreography). They learn a Tap and Jazz Dance. They only attend two Competitions per season and do both their Jazz and Tap dances in the Recital. It’s a great introduction to the world of performing arts.

Dancerettes (Hamden) and Minis (Branford) our second youngest Competition members. (Ages 5 to 8 yrs). They only dance two days a week. One day they will have 1 hour of Ballet and 1 hour of Jazz Technique; and one day they will have 1 hour of Tap Technique and 1 ½ hours of Choreography. These dancers will attend four competitions and Nationals per season doing a Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, a Large Line and will also perform in the Opening Number in our Recital. These dancers are eligible to do Solos and/or Duos.